Casagrande pile driver B125 XP, B175 XP, B200 XP, B250 XP winch gearbox

Casagrande Piling Rig B125 XP, B175 XP, B200 XP, B250 XP winch Gearbox CHINA.IMT AF270 A270 A215 A125 Rotary Piling Rigs A140 PILING RIG PART, MOTOR GEARBOX ,PUMP.VALVE.REXROTH GEARBOX REDUCER,MOTOR ,PUMP IMT AF220 AF270  Brevini main winch gearSLW3003 for IMT AF270Our reputation in this industry ha

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Casagrande Piling Rig B125 XP, B175 XP, B200 XP, B250 XP winch Gearbox CHINA.
IMT AF270 A270 A215 A125 Rotary Piling Rigs A140 PILING RIG PART, MOTOR GEARBOX ,PUMP.VALVE.

REXROTH GEARBOX REDUCER,MOTOR ,PUMP IMT AF220 AF270  Brevini main winch gearSLW3003 for IMT AF270
Our reputation in this industry has largely been counted by the shooting popularity of our offered Casagrande Piling Rig. This piling rig is developed utilizing high grade material and latest technology keeping in mind the set norms of industry. We provide the repairing & maintenance service of this range. Also, our offered piling rig is properly tested by our quality experts on well-defined parameters so as to assure its flawlessness from our side.

  • Reliability
  • Perfect finish
  • Unmatched quality



Casagrande Piling Rig:


  • B125 XP, B175 XP, B200 XP, B250 XP, B300 XP, B360 XP, B450 XP, B400, B400 HT, C850 DH, C850 HT H50, C5 XP, C5S XP, C6 XP, MG-1, C7, C8 XP, C16 XP, KRC 1-B125XP, KRC 1-B175XP, KRC 2-B200XP, KRC 2-B250XP, KRC 2-B300XP, KRC 2-B360XP, PG185.

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Robust construction
  • Sturdiness


IMT Piling Rig:


  • AF130, AF190, AF250, AF270, AF220 Kelly Tractor, AF280 Kelly Tractor,AF300, AF350, AF460 Kelly Bar, AF460 Soil Mixing, A125, A150, A200, A270, AF80, AF130,

GFT0017-T Planetary Gearbox Reducer Technical parameters:
Max.Output Torque(N.M)170002400026000360006000080000110000
Speed Ratio54102.6/120.5/137.250.5/62115/138.8105.5/119.8/139.9/169.999/126.9/21595.8/114.8/173.9
Recommended MotorA6VE55A6VE55A6VE80A6VE55/A6VE80/A2FE80/90A6VE80/107/A2FE80/90A6VE107/160/A2FE107/125A6VE107/160/A2FE107/125
Brake Torque(N.M)35030071571572510251025
Casagrande Piling Rig B125 XP, B175 XP, B200 XP, B250 XP Winch Gearbox
Casagrande Piling Rig B125 XP, B175 XP, B200 XP, B250 XP Winch GearboxAll IMT products are manufactured with the best materials and parts. This guarantees a high reliability and ensures that spare parts can be easily found all over the world, also thanks to the usage of high reliable brand components.
Focusing on the simplicity of its products IMT allows its users to minimize the downtime on-site, thanks to a system that doesn't rely on many electronics, as well as obtaining a cost effective maintenance. All IMT machines are built to be multifunction and adaptable to all the major special applications kits like CFADWGCrowd WinchHammers and Vibro flotation.
QualityPower, Efficiency and Reliability have always been IMT hallmarks as an important and established brand all over the world.











Casagrande Piling Rig B125 XP, B175 XP, B200 XP, B250 XP Winch Gearbox
Products Advantage:
Compact,space-saving planetary gearbox design
Planet wheel carried in full-complement bearings
Robust bearing system absorbing the forces exerted by the cable pull
Simple mounting
Integrated multiplate parking device
GFT-T reducer are used in all kinds of travel driving,final drive of construction machinery

Product Application
Rexroth GFT 110 GFT80 Hydraulic Reducers For Concrete Mixers
Excavators Rexroth Final Winch Drive Gearbox GFT 110 GFT80 Reducers
GFT80 GFT160 Reducer Gearbox Rexroth Hydraulic Gearbox For Excavators

GFT walking reducer is widely used in rotary drilling rig walking, the main winch, small size, compact structure, large output torque, easy installation, direct connection with the walking tire,

GFT hydrostatic transmission (travel reducer / travel motor) is a gear or chain drive vehicles and other mobile devices ideal drive. In addition, where there is movement, rotation and rotation are applicable. Due to its particularly compact construction, the GFT transmission can also be used where the installation environment is extremely difficult. The use of surface hardened gears and quenched and tempered and surface nitrided gears, coupled with good manufacturing quality, enables the device to have excellent load carrying capacity and operational reliability.
 Brake: Spring loaded, hydraulically released spring pressure in the actuator - Multi-disc - Stop brake. Collectively: multi-chip parking brake. Whenever necessary, even at the project stage, we are always ready to advise you on how to find the most suitable solution for you.

Jinan Yuan Yi Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the provincial capital of Jinan, Shandong Province, agents and distribution of foreign well-known brands Rexroth, Sauer 

Hydraulic control components of the technology-oriented enterprises. Committed to providing customers with high-quality hydraulic control components and hydraulic system design, maintenance, etc.

Surface services. The company has long been well-known with foreign hydraulic enterprises to maintain close cooperative partnership to ensure that the original products for customers; for customers

To provide rapid response and comprehensive pre-sale, sales, after-sales service; provide reasonable, preferential products. Company's main products are: import Rexroth

, Sauer Danfoss hydraulic piston pumps, motors, gear pumps, reducer assembly and accessories. China-made well-known brands Huade hydraulic professional sales. public

Division customers in the mixing truck, underground scraper, grain combine harvesters, ship machinery, concrete pump truck, coal mining machinery, road rollers,

Paver, port machinery, oilfield machinery, rotary drilling rig and other industries supporting the application.

Package product:

MF21, PV22, MF22, PV23, MF23, and so on, which are widely used in agriculture, forestry, agriculture,

MV23, PV23 + PV23 double piston pump, and motor.

Acting Sales:

Bosch Rexroth: A2F, A6V, A7V, A8V, A11VO, A4VG, A10VSO.

Kawasaki: K3V, K3VG, K5V.

Linde: HPV-02, HPR-02, HMF-02, HMV-02.

SAUER: 90 series, 40 series, 45 series, 20 series, such as assembly and accessories

Casagrande Piling Rig B125 XP, B175 XP, B200 XP, B250 XP Winch Gearbox
Casagrande Piling Rig B125 XP, B175 XP, B200 XP, B250 XP Winch Gearbox

Companies to undertake professional import hydraulic pump, motor repair, commissioning, and provide free advisory services.

Construction machinery:

Digging machine, paver, road roller, press, paver, drilling machine, bulldozer, heavy digging machine, road mixer and so on.

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