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Frictional Drill Bar / Frictional Kelly Bar Foundation Drilling Tools for Rotary Drilling RigParameterFrictional Kelly Bar:Outer DiameterElements / SectionsRetracted Length (mm)Max Depth (m)2984 or 57.5-1132.5-5032448-925.5-32.534049-1632-563554 or 56-1219-553683 or 47-1518-523774 or 58.5-1331-603943 or 49.8-18.521-644064 o

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Frictional Drill Bar / Frictional Kelly Bar Foundation Drilling Tools for Rotary Drilling Rig


Frictional Kelly Bar:

Outer DiameterElements / SectionsRetracted Length (mm)Max Depth (m)
2984 or 57.5-1132.5-50
3554 or 56-1219-55
3683 or 47-1518-52
3774 or 58.5-1331-60
3943 or 49.8-18.521-64
4064 or 59-16.532-77
4194 or 57.5-14.525.7-67.5
4403 or 57.5-15.518-72
4704 or 69-1932-90
4834 or 510.5-16.537-77
5084 or 56.5-1632-75

Interlocking Kelly Bar:

Outer DiameterElements / SectionsRetracted Length (mm)Max Depth (m)
2542 or 36.45-11.4510-30
2922 or 39.35-18.215-42
3053 or 45.75-10.512-36
3433 or 47.3-14.1515-48
3683 or 48.4-15.418-52
3943 or 49.7-18.721-64
4193 or 410.7-19.724-68
4402 or 413-1518-65
4703 or 410.7-19.2524-64
5593 or 413.75-21.7530-72


2. Frictional kelly bar:

Frictional kelly bar needn't unlock the joint of its inner and outer lining so that it is convenient and fast to lift the bar. Non-stair key, friction transmission the outside key is made by highly wear-resisting tempering steel. For layer of soft ground and mud, mud, (mud) sand, gravel

3. Interlocking kelly bar:Interlocking kelly bar is of great pressure transmission and good anti-contortion perfomance. There are 3 rigid parts between drilling pipes to transfer greater pressure from embedding cylinder. And even at the hard geologic condition it can transfer greater pressure and drill in. Stair key, organization transmission, the outside key is made by highly wear-resisting tempering steel. For soft fromations, (weak) weathered rock, hard strata construction

.Drilling Rig Tools Kelly Bar for Sale

Product Advantages
The most professional R&D and production team.
The core R&D, processing and production personnel are all from the leading enterprises of this industry, with more than ten years of experience in the design and manufacture of kelly bars. We have provided tailor-made Kelly bar and technical services for almost all the well-known brand names of rotary drilling rigs both at home and abroad.
Top quality special steel materials
The steel pipe used in the Kelly bar comes from the selected materials made by the first-class steel enterprises at home and abroad. The yield strength and service life are more than doubled compared with the general-purpose products, meeting the rigorous requirements in drilling hard rock and various strata.
The cutting-edge manufacturing technology
The core parts of Kelly bar, such as square head, driving keys, and pressurizing point are made of imported steel, and go through special heat treatment and surface strengthening treatment, which not only features high yield strength, wear resistance, impact resistance, strain capacity, welding property and corrosion resistance, but also meets the high reliability requirements of Kelly bar in the construction of hard rock, large diameter and super deep piles.
From the strict control of raw materials to multi-layer and multi-step precise welding, we comply with strict quality standards and monitoring systems in all aspects of Kelly bar production to ensure 100% high standard quality. We are also the first Kelly bar manufacturer in China to provide customers with a one-year warranty.

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Drilling Rig Tools Kelly Bar for Sale

Kelly Bar Accessories
In addition to Kelly bar, TYSIM also supply Kelly bar accessories, including Kelly bar drive adaptor, upper section, Kelly stub welded parts, Kelly bar damping springs, Kelly bar rings, pallets, et. TYSIM could arrange professional R&D personnel to conduct on-site measurements, ensuring all he Kelly bar accessories ordered by customers could work seamlessly with the original Kelly bars.
Drilling Rig Tools Kelly Bar for Sale

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Drilling Rig Tools Kelly Bar for Sale

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Drilling Rig Tools Kelly Bar for Sale

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Drilling Rig Tools Kelly Bar for Sale


Drilling Rig Tools Kelly Bar for Sale


Drilling Rig Tools Kelly Bar for Sale

Why Choose Us?

· We supply kelly bars for a torque range of 10-350 kN.m and in lengths up to 110 m.

· High-grade materials and special welding guarantee a high durability and wear resistance of our kelly bars.

· We individually adapt our kelly bars to your drilling and rotary power head.

· All kelly bars are available as friction and interlocking version.

· Our kelly bars transfer the maximum torque over the full extended length.

· Individually implementations, especially client specific ones could be made as well as intermediate dimensions. 

·We have good supplier of kelly bar with more than 13 years experience.

·Using good steels from large factory, making sure kelly bars quality.

·Supply kelly bars for Soilmec, Bauer, SANY, XCMG and other brands of rotary drilling rig.

·Competitive price.



1. What kind of kelly bar can we provide?

Ans.: We can provide kelly bars for almost all the brand rotary drilling rig,the interlocking Kelly bar and friction Kelly bar , most are for Bauer, IMT , MAIT, SOILMEC, SANY , TEG, SUNWARD ,XCMG ,Etc. For ten years experience, supply all the world clients with good satisfaction.

2. What is the advantages of our kelly bar?

Ans.:We use super quality seamless steel pipe material, which makes the kelly bar more durable, and our kelly bar with competitive and reasonable price. We have got the ISO9001 certification , no matter you are dealers or end user, you will get the biggest profit.

3. What warranty do we provide?

Ans.: We provide 6 months warranty time.

4. What is the lead time?

Ans.: Usually the lead time is 7days,after receipt of your down payment.

5. What payment terms do we accept?

Ans.: We accept TT in advance and LC at sight .


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